National Womens Health Week: Sweet Potato Power for Mom & Baby

National Womens Health Week: Sweet Potato Power for Mom & Baby

National Women’s Health Week

Celebrating Mom & Baby

May 12 -18th marks the 20th annual National Women’s Health Week, led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Office on Women’s Health. This annual commemoration is meant to serve as a reminder for women to make health a priority, as well as to take positive steps to incorporate healthier habits into their lives. National Women’s Health Week ( ).

Sweet potatoes packs nutritional power for prenatal/postnatal women and babies. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. For pregnant women, Sweet potatoes provide the body with a high amount of folic acid.
  2. The National Institutes of Health recommends that pregnant women consume 80 to 85 milligrams of vitamin C and 27 milligrams of iron each day. One (1) cup serving of sweet potato baked in the skin contains 39.2 milligrams of vitamin C (almost half of the daily recommended intake).
  3. Sweet Potatoes can be given to babies two to three time a week once they start to have solid food. Besides being a great source of energy, sweet potatoes are easy to digest so your little ones can begin eating sweet potatoes from as early as 6 months.
  4. Sweet potatoes have antioxidant properties and can help strengthen your child’s immune system.
  5. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin D. Vitamin D boosts energy, strengthens bones, and is beneficial to heart health.
  6. Sweet potatoes have a high-calorie content. Babies need to put on weight rapidly during their first year of life. In this time span, babies increase an average of 10 inches in height and triple their birth weight. Every 100 grams of sweet potato contains about 90 calories, making them one of the best options for a child that needs to put on weight.
  7. Sweet potatoes also contain a high amount of vitamin A and beta carotene which aids in the prevention of vision problems, various types of cancer, and cardiovascular defects.

Yours in health – Dr. Velonda

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