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Healthy 2020 – Kick it Off!

Healthy 2020 – Kick it Off!

Each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to improve their health in some way. For 2020, Americans are making the resolution to adopt healthy habits in multiple areas of life – more body movement,  more money management & meal makeovers! As we step into the daily routine of the new year (the peak of winter), there’s chill in the air and a few more months before winter turns to spring. Foods that fuel healthy cells and winter health also support weight loss. Here are 3 top tips to kick off healthy 2020:

#1 Choose beans, greens and roots vegetables like beets, carrots, turnips and sweet potatoes.

#2 It’s soup season – the best one pot meal way to load up on vitamins & minerals. Try this winter vegetable bean soup recipe: https://www.foodnetwork.ca/recipe/winter-vegetable-bean-soup/13153/

Winter Vegetable Bean Soup

#3 Replace white sugar with healthy sweeteners like agave, date sugar, maple syrup and stevia

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