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SPRING has sprung: Superfoods for the season

SPRING has sprung: Superfoods for the season

Hello spring!

Mother nature has signaled us that it is time to clear a path for beautiful new growth in our lawns. The winter has used all the nutrient’s of last spring’s green grass so we visit Home Depot and Lowe’s, where they have aisle after aisle lined with a wide variety of tools we can use to get rid of all the old grass and dead weeds. We spend hours trying to pick the right tool to clean out the old waste. Just as we get our lawns ready for warmer days, we should apply this concept to our bodies on a regular basis. Think of your body as your front lawn or your vegetable garden. Either way, you’ve got to deep clean the soil, fertilize, plant some seeds, and give regular care.

“Superfood” is a term that refers to produce and other grocery store items that are rich in nutrients lowering the risk heart problems, issues with bad cholesterol, cancer, and other chronic diseases.
You can recognize spring superfoods by color; they resemble all the hues of the rainbow. The more colorful your plate is with fruits and vegetables in season, the more “super” your meal is!  
See the list below for your rainbow of SPRING SUPERFOODS:

APRICOTS        ARTICHOKES          ARUGULA        ASPARAGUS        AVOCADO         BEETS               BLUEBERRIES        BROCCOLI       COLLARD GREENS     FAVA BEANS       FENNEL           GARLIC                      LEEKS               NETTLE                PARSLEY           PEAS                 PURSLANE                RADISHES       RHUBARB          ROMANESCO       SPINACH         STRAWBERRIES     WALNUTS        WATERCRESS


  Most of the Farmer’s Market managers are preparing for the launch of the 2019 season. One of the first veggies to make it to the farmer’s market is asparagus; rich in calcium, copper, folate, and iron in addition to vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6.

Yours in health – Dr. Velonda

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